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2018 Buckeye

The Ohio Dairy Goat Association Buckeye Sale Committee is soliciting nominations for the 2018 Buckeye Sale that will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference at the Holmes County Fairgrounds in Millersburg, Ohio on Saturday evening October 20, 2018. The Buckeye Sale is a unique opportunity to accentuate the accomplishments of your herd. Animals selected are of the highest quality available. The committee will look for animals from herds using official DHIR, linear appraisal and show records. Please keep this in mind when nominating as it ultimately reflects your entire herd, herd management and breeding program.

This sale strives to attract buyers from all over and they want top quality, performance proven, sound and healthy dairy goats. The value of your herd’s advertisement and the name recognition it generates can be considerable.

Rest assured that your nomination will receive serious and thorough consideration in our selection process. The Buckeye Sale Committee works very hard to put together a sale that is a successful and positive experience for all parties involved. We all know that quality sells, proven animals, from both sides of a pedigree are needed especially when nominating buck kids.

Items to consider when nominating an animal to the Buckeye Sale:
  • All nominees must conform to ADGA Breed Standards, have correct and legible tattoos, be free of physical defects, be sound and healthy, and be tested free of CAE and CL if over 6 months of age. Those under six months of age must have been raised on a CAE prevention program.
  • Virgin bucks and open does are preferred for the sale, but animals under 2 years of age and breed will be considered. Breed does must be accompanied to the sale with a completed service memo.
  • The accepted sale animals are REQUIRED to provide negative test results from a certified laboratory for CAE (only the results of an ELISA test will be accepted) within 30 days of the sale. Johnes, CL, Tuberculosis and Brucellosis test are also required even if your herd is tested and accredited TB and Brucellosis free.
  • All animals must be accommodated with a CERTIFIED Veterinarian Health Certificate within 30 days of the date of the sale. This is required for animals being transported into and out of the state of Ohio.
  • Give the committee the FACTS on your nominee and its relative. Official production records, linear appraisal scores and official show wins help!
  • Identify pictures of relative of the nominee and indicate their relationship to the nominee (i.e., maternal grand dam or paternal half-sister, etc.) Make sure any pictures you use are the best you have available – nothing less than you would put in an ad to market your herd. We suggest using a color copier or getting copies made of one of the kind photographs to avoid losing important materials or photos. Many buyers appreciate being able to keep the display boards used to represent the consignment after the sale.
  • Consignors shall not use photographs for the marketing/advertising of their animals in the Buckeye Sale that are the property of other breeders without their express written permission. Neither the Buckeye Sale Committee nor ODGA shall be held responsible if the consignor fails to secure said permission.

Highlights & Details

Nomination information must be submitted September 1, 2018.

Nominator should be informed of acceptance decisions on or about October 1, 2018.

Be prepared to pay nomination fees with your application. All other consignment fees will be 20% of the sale price and will be deducted from the final sale. Your nomination fees go towards the publication and advertisement of your nomination. The 20% consignment fees go into the ODGA Research and Youth Funds.

If you have any questions please contact: Sue Smart (937.768.0457).

NOTE: In rare cases, the ODGA Buckeye Sale Committee will accept late nominations. Please contact Sue Smart about your circumstances and request for a late submission.

Online Only Auction with bidding at

Auction will feature Live animals and Semen opportunities

Entry Deadline is September 1