Ton of Milk Award

Each year, the Ohio Dairy Goat Association rewards offers the Ton of Milk Awards to ODGA members with star milkers. If your doe earns her star in the year after the present year of today, she is eligible for this annual award. Please see this image for additional information.

Awards are based on DHI “cow sheet” records, or from a present year one day test sheets.

Additional awards, as listed below, are given for does excelling in Fat, protein and milk.

To submit your doe for this award, you must be a member of ODGA, and send your “cow sheet” or one day test sheet, with your name, address and herd name to: Erin Cooper ,70728 Vagary Lane Freeport Ohio 43973 Phone 740-260-6983 email

Entries are due by Jan 31.

Awards will be given out at the Buckeye Classic Show.
Award Level           Fat                  Protein                Milk:

Bronze                 110-119              80-100             2500-3000

Silver                    120-139              101-119          3001-3500

Gold                     140-145              121-126          3501-3700

Platinum              146-150              137-132          3701-3999

Diamond                 151 +                    133 +                  4000 +